Superyacht Supplies Soars to New Heights: A Historic Drone Delivery Event in Monaco

On September 30, 2023, in the heart of Monaco, Superyacht Supplies made history by participating in a groundbreaking drone delivery operation that transported premium goods from mainland Monaco to the prestigious 73-meter Lürssen-built Megayacht M/Y CORAL OCEAN, which had recently undergone a remarkable 35 million EUR rebuild. 

Superyacht Supplies’ role in this historic endeavor was made possible through a collaborative effort with some of the most innovative names in the industry. Working alongside Superyacht Supplies were Kookiejar of Sweden, a renowned drone Vertiport supplier, and MC CLIC, a leading drone manufacturer and operator. Supported by the Aviation Civile and the Maritime Authority of Monaco, it was a huge milestone in the advancement of advanced air mobility and maritime logistics, with the ultimate goal of establishing a U-Space in Monaco. The project was not just a feat of engineering; it was a testament to the power of innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in maritime logistics. Looking to the future, the project has paved the way for on-demand drone services that promises to revolutionise the delivery of essential supplies and services to superyachts and other maritime vessels.

The demonstration offered a glimpse into the seamless integration of drone technology into maritime operations. It showcased the future of swift, sustainable, and punctual deliveries to superyachts, aligning perfectly with Monaco’s continued commitment to cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility. In this momentous event, Monaco positioned itself as a trailblazer in the urban air mobility revolution.

Andrew Maidment, Managing Director of Superyacht Supplies Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “We are thrilled to have showcased the potential of drone deliveries to superyachts, enabling swifter, more convenient, and environmentally conscious logistics for the maritime industry.”

Kim Silander, Founder of Kookiejar and Vertical SARL, also shared his thoughts, saying, “This project exemplifies our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of Vertiport technology and nurturing innovation in advanced air mobility.”

It was a historic moment for Monaco and the global urban air mobility industry. It brought together key stakeholders, government authorities, industry luminaries, and technology enthusiasts, all united by a shared vision of the future of drone logistics. Superyacht Supplies were proud to collaborate with Kookiejar, MC CLIC, and other partners like Baccana Digital Group, with potential future collaborations on the horizon, including Giraudi Group and

This project represented a giant leap forward in air mobility and maritime logistics. It showcased the seamless integration of drone technology into maritime operations, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

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