Tomorrow begins today…

Tomorrow begins today…

Sustainability & Traceability

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody Certifications are the most stringent parameters in the world, to ensure that the seafood produced, processed and sold is at it’s most responsible and can be traced throughout it’s entire supply chain. Achieving and adhering to the certifications is of paramount importance to us. We have held both certifications across several of our sites for many years. When opening a new facilities, we aim to gain these accreditations within the first year. We undertake regular internal audits to ensue that every point of the certifications requirements are met. As well as an external audit once a year.

Find out more about what the MSC  and ASC  certifications mean.

We also hold ISO 22000-2005  certification for several of our warehouses and logistics operations. This is our further commitment to upholding our standards across our supply chain. This accreditation goes hand in hand with our MSC & ASC accreditation; giving us the tools to trace our products from catch to final delivery.

Other certification achieved include BRC accreditation, FDA approval and FORS fleet operator recognition scheme.

Green Wheels

We are growing our fleet of 100% electric and hybrid cars with free on-site electric car charging. In our UK site, most of our corporate vehicles are either electric or hybrid. Our Transport and Logistics teams make great efforts for route optimisation across our fleet, planning our daily vehicle movements to reduce mileage and fuel consumption. Secure cycle parking is also provided along with showers for those cycling to work.

Responsibility Starts At The Source

We are dedicated in our search for suppliers and producers whose principles align with our own. That’s why the vast majority of our suppliers hold accreditations for sustainable practice. From The innovative Kingfish Zeeland’s groundbreaking onshore nature reserve to Lumina Lamb’s holistic approach to their flocks, their fields and their food, we are committed to being at the forefront of the turning tide of sustainability.

Passionate People Are Our Greatest Asset

We are nothing without our team, from our friendly delivery drivers to our fastidious finance managers to our senior directors, we pride ourselves on a culture of respect and inclusion. Culture starts from the top and our leadership teams are committed to fostering our Core People Practices throughout all of our departments:

  1.  Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment free from harassment. Our work environment is kind.
  2. We are an international team and we support our colleagues’ communication with respect and understanding.
  3. Everyone is capable of having great ideas, every great idea is worth consideration.
  4. Laughter is the best medicine, the greatest leveller and the strongest bond.
Reach Food Group - Giving back to London

Giving Back To London

We helped supply over 1 million meals by way of of support provided to food charities in London during the Covid-19 crisis. We provided operational & logistical support and 250 tonnes of food to:

  • The Felix Project
  • The Caring Foundation
  • City Harvest
  • Compassion London

This tonnage included fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, cheese, poultry, seafood, pulses, tinned foods, lasagnes, pies, snacks and drinks. This support filtered down to a further 400 charities ranging from food banks, homeless shelters, orphanages, care homes, frontline workers, domestic abuse shelters and community groups.