Reach Food Group Reflects on The Princess Charlene Water Bike Challenge

In the midst of the challenging year that was 2020, Reach Food Group had the privilege of sponsoring a truly remarkable event back in September — the Princess Charlene Water Bike Challenge. Sponsored by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and Prince Albert II of Monaco, the extraordinary race saw two teams take on a gruelling 180 km relay race from Calvi to Monaco on water bikes. The two teams comprised of internationally renowned athletes, with team “Serenity” being led by Princess Charlene herself. The challenge aimed to shed light on crucial issues such as water safety, infant drowning prevention, and marine conservation (including waste cleaning campaigns in Corsica and the Principality). As well as making headlines, the Princess Charlene Water Bike Challenge raised a staggering total of €603,912 for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

Princess Charlene, along with her dedicated team Serenity, composed of Dave Tanner, Brandon Green, and Matt Bennett, completed the arduous 180 km race in 22 hours and 33 minutes. They finished 14 minutes ahead of Team Notorious, led by Gareth Wittstock, General Secretary of the Foundation and joined by Kevin Crovetto, Jérôme Fernandez and Guido Belinskis.

The Princess Charlene Water Bike Challenge was a remarkable event with a dual purpose. It showcased an exceptional sporting feat and a true test of endurance, but more importantly, it aimed to draw attention to critical issues related to water safety. Drowning remains a significant cause of death worldwide, and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation has been working relentlessly to change this narrative. The foundation focuses on educating communities, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, on water safety measures and teaching young people how to swim. A noble cause indeed, with low-and middle-income countries accounting for over 90% of unintentional drowning deaths (WHO).

Since its inception in 2012, the Foundation’s efforts have benefited more than 730,000 people, especially children, across 34 countries worldwide. These programs not only save lives but also empower communities by equipping young people with essential water safety skills. Thanks to the money raised from this challenge, the foundation looked to help even more people across the globe.

With a strong connection to fishermen and coastal communities, Reach Food Group continues to recognise the importance of ensuring the safety of those who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. This involves promoting water safety, sustainable sourcing practices and environmental responsibility. It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of such a fantastic fundraising event that resonates so much with our own values and beliefs.

Abbas Lalljee

Abbas Lalljee, CEO at Reach Food Group explained:

‘Having worked with so many coastal communities around the world, we want to ensure that the members of these communities where we source our seafood from are safe in the water – Reach Food Group is proud to support the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation as they continue their fight against drowning and we look forward to working together again in the future.’

The Princess Charlene Water Bike Challenge

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