Relationships that last

In order to procure the very best, we hand pick our producers and treat them like family.

Relationships that last

In order to procure the very best, we hand pick our producers and treat them like family.

Dana F. Besecker

Family through and through

A Washington State native, Dana Besecker grew up in Issaquah, east of Seattle – surrounded by mountains, forests, and water. One of five children, Dana learned about the value of hard work and resilience at an early age.

At age seven, Dana rode the bus with other kids to pick local strawberries, raspberries and beans in the summer. “I remember it being hot all day, every day,” he says. He also did yard work around the neighbourhood, earning enough to help pay for school clothes. In high school, Dana pumped gas for $1.25 an hour, boosting his nest egg for college. “I was paying my own way,” he adds. “I had big plans.”

In 1989 Dana launched a one-person enterprise, the Dana F. Besecker Company in 1989. Initially he traded only in salmon, then halibut then black cod. In 2004 Dana’s son, Tyler, joined the company. Now, they sell to over 38 countries but have kept their team small and family orientated. We deal directly with Tyler to ensure absolute quality throughout the supply chain.

Staff is a key success factor at the Dana F. Besecker Company. “We have really great people, and couldn’t do what we’re doing today without our team members.” With three offices — in Mercer Island and Bellingham, Washington, and Homer, Alaska – the company stays attuned to what’s going on with the fishermen. “Every year we seem to buy fish from people that we didn’t buy from before. We offer honesty, integrity and service…the reputation is there.”

Wild caught and sourced directly from trusted fishermen from sustainable fisheries, Buyers in over 40 countries around the world recognise Dana F. Besecker black cod as the highest quality sablefish on the market.

What’s made the company successful is the reputation Dana has made over 25-plus years of buying. We buy a lot of fish, because people love Dana and what we stand for.

Kingfish Zeeland

The fish of the future is here

Based in the Dutch province of Zeeland, Kingfish Zeeland taps into the pristine marine estuary water of the Eastern Scheldt, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, to deliver a healthy, antibiotic-free premium delicacy: the Dutch Yellowtail, also known as Kingfish or Hiramasa.

The ONLY ASC & BAP certified source of Yellowtail, Kingfish Zeeland place sustainability at the heart of everything they do. They go to great effort to secure that their operations are safe and healthy for customers, stress-free and humane for their fish and minimally impactful on their environment.

Their sustainability measures include a ban on antibiotics and vaccines, 100% renewable energy at their premises along with heat exchangers. Aquaponics and bio-security to ensure their output of water is the cleanest it can be. Fresh water conservation by using seawater. Biodiversity protection unlike traditional cage farming. Animal welfare, Kingfish Zeeland believe that a happier fish performs better, so they ensure that all practices are undertaken with the fishes well-being in mind.

Working closely with some of the world’s leading equipment suppliers and engineering companies, Kingfish Zeeland have access to proprietary first hand expertise regarding the requirements and demands of the Yellowtail in land-based recirculation systems. This has resulted in their state of the art production facility, which has been designed to achieve levels of control, safety, reliability and sustainability not currently available in alternative production systems.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, over 30 years of hands-on marine fish farming experience, and the strictest  sustainability practices, Kingfish Zeeland is introducing a uniquely pure fish to the premium market. Clean fish eat well and swim in pure water. For our Yellowtail, it starts with the pristine water of a Natura 2000 marine estuary Nature Reserve.


Sustainable fishing and freshly frozen products

SAPMER is one of the rare companies authorised to fish for Chilean Seabass in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, making it an exclusive activity. The fishing of this species is subject to severe regulations and extremely strict quotas, which ensure the optimum management of this rare and much-appreciated resource. French Southern and Antarctic Territories inspectors are on board the SAPMER longliners during each of its campaigns. In 2013, SAPMER obtained the Marine Stewardship Council certification, recognising the sustainability of the Patagonian Toothfish fishery around the Kerguelen and Crozet Islands. MSC ensures the preservation of this resource, the respect of ecosystems and the efficiency of the fishery management system.

SAPMER pursues its adventure with passion, commitment and responsible fishing. In the mid 80s, their teams led a fishing expedition through monstrous waves and terrifying winds into the icy territory surrounding the Kerguelen and Crozet Islands. Catching the Chilean Seabass, a rare and prized species, is a fearsome but rewarding fishing experience. Here, the SAPMER’s teams were the pioneers. Today, from its new headquarters in reunion island, SAPMER does its utmost to offer customers a unique and astounding gourmet experience by setting out for the very best that the sea has to offer. With over 1000 sea loving employees, each employee works towards a common goal; offering the very best to consumers, while preserving this extraordinary environment via sustainable fishing practices. From the Indian Ocean to the Southern seas.

All of SAPMER’s Chilean Seabass is frozen at sea meaning the authentic taste of freshly caught fish is maintained thought the supply chain.

Lumina Lamb

The tale of the worlds best lamb

It all started with an idea. To usher in a new kind of lamb. One that would be revered the world over as the pinnacle of breeding, growing and finishing. One that would give culinary masters the perfect canvas with which to create. A lamb that would provide a consistent melt-in-the-mouth experience that surpasses any other. To say this was a bold idea is an understatement. In fact, no one knew if such a thing was even possible. But that didn’t stop our visionaries. And the first thing they did was gather the perfect companions for the journey ahead.

The team that makes up Lumina were (and still are) a group of experts from a wide range of fields. Farmers, shepherds, agronomists, geneticists, butchers and chefs. Each with their own specialty, all able to contribute new and radical ideas to a shared vision. This holistic approach to lamb breeding was in itself a world first. No one had ever brought these disciplines together. And after 15 years of research and testing, the Lumina Team have succeeded in turning their dream into a reality.

Lumina’s fine intramuscular micro-marbling (much like Wagyu) has never been seen before in lamb. And it comes with a signature milder taste, exceptional texture and tenderness, and versatility on the plate. It is – quite simply – a game-changing experience for chefs and diners alike.

Lumina lambs are born and raised in the New Zealand hill and high country. Through rigorous standards and meticulous processes, Lumina lamb is 100% natural, free range, grass-fed and finished on specially cultivated chicory herb pastures. The meat itself is finely marbled and enriched with high levels of naturally occurring Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. It’s characterised by a mild aroma, light pink to pale red colour, and a tantalising, lighter-bodied texture.

I nurture the soil, the field and the herbage. So our lambs get the very best from all the goodness nature has to offer.Some people think that our rigorous standards are obsessive. But really, obsession is what it takes to make something exceptional.