Introducing Lumina Farms New Zealand Lamb

Imagine a lamb that surpasses all expectations — a culmination of 15 years of visionary dedication. Lumina Farms dared to redefine perfection in breeding, growth, and finishing by assembling an expert team spanning farmers, geneticists, chefs, and more. Their revolutionary approach yielded unprecedented results: fine intramuscular micro-marbling akin to Wagyu beef, delivering a milder taste, exceptional tenderness, and unmatched versatility.  Lumina Lamb isn’t just any lamb; it’s the world’s best. Revered globally for its incredible micro-marbling which has never been seen before in lamb, this is a game-changer in the world of premium meat. 

It comes with a signature milder taste and exceptional texture and tenderness for discerning chefs looking to upgrade their menu with the best. At Reach Food Group, we’re proud to bring this incredible lamb to our chefs’ tables! 

What sets Lumina Lamb apart? It’s all in the meticulous processes and rigorous standards. The unique Lumina genetics produce finer intramuscular micro-marbling, resulting in exceptional texture and outstanding tenderness. Dubbed the ‘wagyu of lamb’ for its marbling, Lumina Lambs feed on chicory herbs, imparting a distinct and delightful flavour to your dishes. The meticulous process imbues the meat with richness, depth, and complexity. Furthermore, the team over at Lumina are big on sustainability & traceability. Each lamb is EID tagged and they take immense care over the iconic hills where their animals graze. 

Now, let’s talk about comfort food at its finest. Here is Reach My Kitchen’s slow-cooked Lumina lamb shoulder infused with spices and pearl barley, all cooked to perfection in one tray.

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