Doing our bit: Reach Food Group’s Generous Donation of 1.5 Million Masks to Monaco Red Cross

At Reach Food Group, our commitment to helping those in need is not just a mission statement – it’s our ethos that drives our actions. As the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we took a proactive step by donating 1.5 million masks to the Monaco Red Cross, serving as a crucial defence for healthcare workers and a significant contribution to the global fight against the pandemic.

The 1.5 million masks were uniquely designed and produced exclusively for Reach Food Group. Collaborating with manufacturers in France, we ensured that every mask met the highest standards of quality and protection, whilst also incorporating the white and red colours of the Monegasque flag and the Monaco Red Cross.

The masks we provided were swiftly distributed across the charities and foundations led by HSH Prince Albert I of Monaco and Princess Charlene of Monaco. These organizations, closely connected to the heart of the principality, ensured that the masks reached those who needed them the most. From the earliest days of the pandemic to Monaco’s gradual recovery, these bespoke masks continued to be a first defence against COVID-19, ensuring safety at events such as the Monaco Grand Prix 2021.

The impact of our contribution didn’t stop at the borders of Monaco. The Monaco Red Cross extended their support beyond local boundaries, donating our red and white masks to neighbouring countries like France and Italy to support local Covid-19 efforts. These masks were also donated as aid to other countries facing severe difficulties during the pandemic.

We are grateful for the amazing work done by the Monaco Red Cross during this challenging time, and it has been an honour to help them in their global mission during Covid-19 and beyond.

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