A Visit to Alliance Farmers Produce: Exploring Lumina Farms in New Zealand

This month, Vennessa Tsui – Commercial Director, Mary Curran – Procurement Manager, and Philippine de Serpos – Business Development Manager had the pleasure of visiting our star supplier Alliance Farmers Produce UK to observe the Lumina Lamb Farms in New Zealand. The amazing Alliance team planned a fantastic itinerary for us, providing a comprehensive view of their innovative farming operations.

From the vibrant city of Christchurch to the picturesque landscapes of Queenstown, team Reach had the opportunity to observe first-hand the innovative farming systems, meticulous care, and undeniable passion that the farmers at Lumina Farms invest in raising their animals. The dedication to quality and sustainability was evident in every aspect of their operations.

The team spent a lot of time in the beautiful countryside, observing how Lumina lambs are raised to exceptional standards. These lambs are specially bred and raised on a chicory diet for at least 35 days to achieve optimal weight and quality. This unique diet contributes to their high-fat content, mild flavour, and superior texture. One standout feature is the fine intramuscular micro-marbling (much like Wagyu), which has never been seen before in lamb. 

Lumina lamb has already made a significant impression on our high-end UK customers and we are thrilled to announce that Lumina lamb will soon be available in Europe. This expansion is a testament to the quality and demand for Lumina’s products. Stay tuned for further updates as we bring this premium offering to a wider audience!

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