250 Tonnes of Food Donated and Counting!

3 months since lockdown was announced in the UK and we’ve been busier than ever, helping charitable causes in the UK. 

It has been a particularly difficult time for those most vulnerable in society and front-line key workers. Operating within the hospitality industry, which had been effectively paused at the start of the pandemic, we decided to pivot our organisation and support numerous charitable causes who were dedicating their time to helping those most in need. 

In collaboration with charitable partners such as The Caring Foundation, The Felix Project, City Harvest London, and Compassion London, we took a proactive step to address the growing food crisis. Our collective efforts led to the supply of over 1 million meals to those in need, and we donated more than 250 tonnes of food. Thanks to our very own transport fleet and temperature-controlled storage facilities, we were also able to assist with operations and logistical support.

One of our most significant partnerships during this time was with The Felix Project, a remarkable organisation that had seen the demand for food triple to 30 tonnes a day among the vulnerable since the pandemic began. To help tackle this challenge head-on, Abbas Lalljee, the founder and CEO of Reach Food Group, announced a generous donation of £210,000 to The Felix Project. This contribution would directly support the charities and schools that The Felix Project collaborated with, ensuring that the food could be turned into hot and nutritious meals for local communities. In addition to this support, we donated a further £1 per home delivery from our latest business venture, Reach My Kitchen. £1 per box was also donated to Hospitality Action, who do great work here in the UK supporting anyone within the hospitality sector. 

Over the past few months, we have also been busy helping The Caring Foundation by donating £250,000 in food stocks. This donation was intended to support the organisation’s admirable goal of cooking upwards of 50,000 meals a week in London for the elderly, children, families with no income and NHS workers.

The impact of our support filtered down, benefiting over 400 charities ranging from food banks, homeless shelters, orphanages, care homes, frontline workers, domestic abuse shelters, and community groups. The donated food included: vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, cheese, poultry, seafood, pulses, tinned foods, lasagnes, pies, snacks, drinks, and much more. Our aim was simple: to provide essential food items to those who needed it most.

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